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Buddhism was a religion that was born in India but spread its wings all around the world, especially in the east. Being the country of Gautam Buddha, the Buddhist pilgrimage centers in India are abundant, which attract devotees from India and abroad. India was the center of Buddhist learning in the ancient times, and religious sites of those times have become the places of monumental importance today.

Buddhist monasteries also known as vihara. The monastery also has a Centre for Buddhist Cultural Studies where young monks are taught Arithmetic, English, and Hindi besides traditional monastic education. The Indian state of Bihar, being the focal point of Buddhism, boasts of several major Buddhist religious monument centres such as Bodh Gaya and temples like Maha Bodhi temple. Then there are monasteries such as Tabo and Namgyal in Himachal Pradesh, which have a lot of Tibetan influence on them. Similarly, hilltop buddhist monasteries of Ladakh are one of the best living traditions of Tibetan Buddhism in the world today. Also visit the Monasteries of Sikkim, which are one of their kind. Some of the northeastern states of India like Aunachal Pradesh also prides in housing some very ancient and largest monasteries in India.

In brief, this monastery is simply awe-inspiring and majestic in its appearance and grandeur.

Ajanta Ellora Cave

• Dhankar Monastery

Hemis Monastery

Kye (Ki) Monastery

Maha Bodhi Temple

Buddhist Monastery, Ajanta Ellora Cave, Dhankar Monastery, Hemis Monastery, Kye (Ki) Monastery, Maha Bodhi Temple, Namgyal Monastery, Rumtek Monastery, Sanchi, Tawang Monastery, Tabo Monastery

Namgyal Monastery

Rumtek Monastery


Tawang Monastery

Tabo Monastery

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